Citywide Banners are available for each individual city and are visible on every single category page within a given city. 

'Featured Listings' are ranked in the order they are purchased at the top of a given category. 

'Standard Listings' are ranked alphabetically and below 'Featured Listings' in each category. 

Listings will remain in visible for twelve (12) calendar months or (1) full year. 

We will be expanding the Online Directory component of The Urban Voice to include thirty two (32) cities by January of 2018.

Purchase a Standard Listing today and receive a CREDIT of $50 towards the purchase of an advertisement in the 2018 URBAN DIRECTORY.

To purchase your Standard Listing or Featured Listing, CLICK HERE.

On Friday, November 24, 2017 we will begin distribution of the 2018 URBAN DIRECTORY.  A sixty-four page directory of African American owned businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations, as well as those which cater to the African American community.  We will distribute a minimum of 25,000 copies of the directory through retail locations, churches, social service centers, as well as, in-person via our street team (e.g. the MLK Parade, political rallies, etc.).  The directory will remain in circulation for twelve months.   The fees articulated herein are a one-time fees.

 Those organizations who purchase advertising in the 2018 URBAN DIRECTORY will receive a Standard Listing in our Online Directory, absolutely free-of-charge.

The deadline for purchasing an advertisement in the 2018 URBAN DIRECTORY is Wednesday, November 1, 2017 @ 17:00HRS PST. 

To purchase your advertisement, contact Joseph Abraham at (702) 306-2394.


To purchase your advertisement, contact Joseph Abraham at (702) 306-2394 or Marcus Ligon at (702) 271-6643.




Our team of graphic designers have developed layered Adobe Photoshop files for you to use as artwork templates. 


Simply CLICK on the logo adjacent to the template you wish to download.  Once the artwork is ready for publication, submit the file to


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