Tegan Christine Machnich, Esq. | Impartiality in Civil and Criminal Cases

As a Chief Deputy Public Defender and experienced trial attorney, I am the best choice for judge in District Court, Department 15 - I am asking for your vote.

I am running for judge because, every day, I see how our courts operate. Our judges often take the easy way out, deferring to the most powerful party in the courtroom. Instead, I believe a judge must strive to apply the law, regardless of popularity. A judge should respect the parties’ time. A judge must make clear decisions that the parties can rely upon.


Judges must know what it is like to usher a client, a person, through the court process. That is the only way they can truly know what the parties need from the judge. From choosing a jury to waiting for a verdict that will change lives, experience matters. And I have that experience.


This is the year for change. All of the judges serving in the Clark County District Courts are up for election at the same time, allowing qualified, experienced candidates to run. Historically, if a candidate was not politically connected and/or independently wealthy, it was virtually impossible to win an election. But that can change this year if you, the voters, lend your support and cast your vote.

Department 15 hears civil and criminal cases.

Traditionally, judges with criminal justice experience came only from the prosecution. But in this age of criminal justice reform, having a balanced bench is essential. Applying bail reform; reevaluating sentencing guidelines and structure; protecting individual rights. I work on the front lines of these important, life-changing issues every day.


Even more troubling, many of the current judges are making decisions about life and liberty without ever having worked in the area of criminal law as an attorney. This should be disqualifying - those attorneys should only be able to run for “business court” departments that cannot hear criminal cases.

For approximately nine years, I have dedicated my career to serving our community. I have tried dozens of jury trials - experience second to none in my race. I am the only candidate for Department 15 who has criminal law experience. And, in addition, I previously practiced civil law (contract / commercial litigation) and civil rights law.

The current occupant of Department 15 was appointed to the position by a prior Governor while his father was a legislative leader in the same political party. However, political connections do not qualify someone to sit as a judge. Prior to taking the bench, he had never handled a significant criminal legal matter. Nor did he have any notable or extensive trial experience. Perhaps not surprisingly, his reversal rate on appeal is approximately 40%.

The third candidate for Department 15 identifies, as his most notable jury trial, a verdict approximately $2 million less than the pre-trial settlement. This, along with a complete lack of criminal legal experience, shows a lack of judgment and experience necessary for the position.

If you’re taking the time to read this article and consider your options for judge, you can make this change happen. Not only can you vote, but you can inform ten people, who can then inform ten people. Come out to vote in our primary election and encourage others to, as well.

If you have any questions about my experience, qualifications or candidacy, please contact me - you deserve to know your candidate.

Clients matter. Experience matters. With your vote, we can make a difference together.

For additional information please visit my website at www.teganchristine4judgelv.com.

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