Journey to Kemet

by Maticia Sudah


I studied other forms of yoga for two decades before discovering Kemetic Yoga. After I completed my first Kemetic Yoga class, I knew I had to become certified to teach my community. The experience practicing Kemetic Yoga was that strong.  Prior to Kemetic Yoga, I was unaware yoga has African roots. Having this ancestral connection to this healing practice brought me closer to it and to myself. 


I started teaching the day after I arrived from being certified in Jamaica, July 2015. I held my first Kemetic Yoga class in a park where more than 20 members of my community showed up. I've been teaching ever since. I started at the West Las Vegas Cultural Arts Center at the request of Dr. Marcia Robinson. I've been building a yoga community there with the wonderful men, women and children. 


As my practice grew deeper, I began seeking advice of my Master Teacher. I held a workshop featuring him last year at the West Las Vegas Cultural Arts Center which proved successful for Black History Month. 


My Master Teacher subsequently asked me to teach in Chicago at the annual Soul Yoga Fest, the largest free festival for yogis of color, which will also be held in Las Vegas next spring. 


I taught seniors, children and a Level 2 class at Soul Yoga Fest.  After that, he asked me to assistant teach beside him for the premier Teacher Training Certification in Cairo, Egypt. I accepted.


I've traveled internationally many times, but this trip to Kemet (Egypt) truly changed my life as an African woman and as a Kemetic Yoga instructor. Seeing what the ancient ancestors left us on the walls of the Neb Ankhs (tombs) is fascinating, literal instructions on how to live life and be in the natural state of Ma'at (balance, harmony, reciprocity).  The energy that is still present in those structures is overwhelming. It brought a lot of us to our knees in reverence. 


Our Ancestors were powerful people whose brilliance is undiminished. Being told about their genius is one thing, but seeing it is another experience altogether, which is indescribable. Keep in mind, what is currently standing is in ruins, but the beauty of it is still blinding!  What it must have looked like in its original state of excellence is mind-boggling.


Thankfully, I traveled with Jabari Osaze, who is a Kemetic priest, based in New York City; he is also a Kemetic scholar/historian. He translated the hieroglyphs, so we could understand, and related it back to African culture.


When you visit Kemet now, you see a lot of white Arabs who do not want to link ancient Egyptian history back to dark-skinned Africans, but they know. When you visit the Cairo museum and see other depictions inside of the Neb Ankhs, you can clearly see the skin tone and features of the ancient people.  They were broad nosed, thick-lipped, high cheek boned, kinky haired black people. This is extremely important for African people to know on a global scale. 


So much of our history has been dismissed or whitewashed. Visiting Kemet and seeing the magnificence of the ancestors has made me look at myself and my practice on a deeper level. Mediocrity is not in our DNA.  Our ancient ancestors did everything beyond the average person's comprehension with ease. 


I will return to Kemet to continue my studies next year along with visiting other places internationally that have African roots uncovering hidden secrets about my people. It is my mission to heal my community through Kemetic Yoga, plant-based food and filling their heads and hearts with the stories of our ancient ancestors.  


In an ideal world, I'd love to see as many of us travel back together to witness the instructions and messages left for us. When you see it, it's undeniable who you are and where you come from. 



Maticia Sudah is a Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor and owner of Sacred Geometry Kemetic Yoga & Wellness in Las Vegas, NV.  Maticia was a yoga practitioner for 20 years prior to becoming certified in Negril, Jamaica in 2015. She was certified under the direction of Master Yirser Ra Hotep, Founder of YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga. Sacred Geometry also offers Egyptian Belly dance, Twerk N Tone and Martial Arts taught by instructors in the community dedicated to teaching African movement. The studio is located at 515 Rose Street. 












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