4 Infallible Ways to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever!

by Dr. Frantonia Pollins

How many times have you set a goal, or “New Year’s Resolution”, with the intention to make a big change, only to find yourself frustrated?  At the end of yet another year, you feel like you’ve failed.

As a Master Success Coach and Six Figure Business Mentor, now is the time of year where I spend significant time walking clients through the process of setting their “Powerful Intentions” for the New Year.


Recently, while celebrating the accomplishments of our 2017 goals, one of my clients recalled; for years she would set resolutions but never achieve them.


This got me to thinking about all the unaccomplished goals that so many of us have. Out of curiosity, I decided to do a little research to see just how many resolutions are kept. What I found blew my wig back! 50% of resolutions are broken within the first 10 days of the year. WOW!! I went on to discover that by the end of January, no less than 95% of resolutions have been fully abandoned.


The sad reality is that only 5% of New Year’s resolutions are kept beyond January. This caught my attention, so I looked a little deeper for the reasons, so many resolutions fail within such a short amount of time. I found that most resolutions fail due to:


·         A lack of commitment and personal discipline


·         Procrastination (usually due to fear of failure or fear of success)


·         No clear vision, mission or purpose


·         Analysis paralysis (usually due to perfectionism)


·         No written strategic game plan – “Winging it”


·         Lack of solid support and irrevocable accountability – “The Lone Ranger”


In short, I concluded that 95% of resolutions fail because only 5% of people who set resolutions ever actually ACT!


Make 2018 the year that you refuse to let this be you.


With proper motivation and the will to change, you can be the exception to this trend.


If you’re serious about accomplishing your goals this year, here are 4 surefire ways to make it happen.


1.  Schedule a Meeting to Clarify, Plan and Map Out Your Goals. You wouldn’t take a cross-country drive without knowing exactly where you were going, so why would it be any different for something as important as your life and business goals?


That’s why the planning phase is the most important. This is where you figure out where you’re going and how you're going to get there. Instead of thinking of your goals as vague ideas, determine exactly what you want by asking yourself an important question like, “Where do I want to be in every area of my life and business, one year from today?” Specify your goal in a measurable format and write it down. This will give you a clear indication on the direction you need to go.


2.  Define Your Key Results. This tip is especially important when you're pursuing a large goal. Key results provide an indication of your progress toward your goals. For example, if your goal is to go after a career that involves a great deal of specialized training, then break your goal into smaller pieces by making each type of training a “mini-goal” in itself. It’s important to pre-determine your key results as these will be the signs that you’re heading in the right direction.


3.  Act! Action is the only thing that creates results, yet this is usually where people tend to run into some trouble. It's easy to get pumped up about an idea, but when it comes down to executing your plan, you might be tempted to fall short.


Now is the time to turn your optimism for your New Year’s Resolutions into concrete actions.  In other words, “get up, get out and do something.”


You can do this by prioritizing your most productive daily activities to reach your key results and eliminating all time wasters and distractions.


4.  Get the help you need. There are many people such as coaches and mentors who are qualified to help you reach your goals. Whether it's someone to lean on to give you an extra confidence push, or someone to outsource work to, it'll show you that you can count on others for help. With help, you can accomplish more.


This year make the commitment that you will be one of the motivated 5% who make it! You’ll be glad you did!





The unapologetic voice for feminine leadership and entrepreneurial success, Dr. Frantonia Pollins is one of the most highly requested and thought-provoking speakers and transformational coaches in the industry.


A once homeless, single mom, struggling to make ends meet, Frantonia transformed her life by creating a Signature Success System, and went from zero clients to six figures in less than one year.


As CEO of The Million-Heir Group, a "human potential" development and entrepreneurial training firm, she has a “soul-deep” commitment to her #BigMission called #100Empires where she plans to personally mentor 100 Extraordinary Women Entrepreneurs (and a few really cool men) to grow their businesses to $100,000 and beyond, by August 15, 2018 - her 50th birthday.


Dr. Pollins believes that when entrepreneurs build businesses that produce solid financial results, they can leave a Multi-Generational Legacy of Wealth that’ll transform the world.


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