Calling Out for Black Geniuses

by Dr. Gerald Curry


There was a time here in America that everyday people did what they could to make a positive difference in their communities, because there was nowhere else to turn.  As we reflect on our history, most of the folks we now consider iconic for accomplishing amazing feats thought of themselves as normal, everyday people.  When we toss out the names Malcolm, Martin, Fannie Lou, Maya, or Rosa, one would immediately argue their exceptional brilliance. But if you had the opportunity to sit and talk with them, they would consider themselves as everyday people who saw a need, and filled it.  They did not see themselves as iconic or special. All of us are simple common people, equipped with exceptional talents, and living in a period where our very survival is being challenged on all fronts.  To address these issues, Iím calling on Black Geniuses from our communities, who are willing to commit themselves to a higher calling.    


Now my use of Black Geniuses refers to results, not who you are.  You donít have to be anyone special, just someone who desires to make positive change.  President Obama said it best when he advised us to, ďWorry about what you are going to do, and not who you want to be.Ē   The President understood what you do, determines who you become.  My question to you is, what are you doing to improve otherís lives?  Are you tapping into your God-given genius?   We have the opportunity every single day to make a positive difference in our community, are you?  If not, what are you waiting on?  We need you to contribute value to your community, by getting involved and lifting others up. 


Personally, I know of three Black Geniuses who live in the Las Vegas community who contribute value every day of their lives.  Coach Gene Tate, has been working with young people for over twenty-six years, using little Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Each year Coach Tate raises thousands of dollars by rallying support from local businesses, donors, and others committed to helping our youth.  Last year, Coach Tate took his team to Havana, Cuba, and exposed them to a different culture. In late February 2018, Coach Tate will be hosting a fundraiser event heís calling Legacy-Makers Recognition Banquet at Caesars Resort to highlight the tremendous accomplishments of his graduate players.


Mr. Arby Hambric, a military veteran published the book To Thee I See, From Picking in the Fields of Texas to Cooking for Dignitaries on U.S. Navy Ships, A Journey I Wouldnít Change; he speaks locally at civic and community events.  Currently 97 years young, he still has a passion for shaping young peopleís lives.  Heís not making excuses, heís making a positive difference! 


Lastly, Mr. Jerry Holliday, a banker at The Federal Savings Bank, spends his time teaching financial literacy and issuing loans to qualified members.  As an active member of the Kappa Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Mr. Holliday assist in raising scholarship funds to send local youth to college, and is dedicated in supporting his community.  Jerry is not your average banker, heís the type of guy who extends himself to ensure you receive the best of him.


Black Genius comes in several forms; they convert the normal to the exceptional.  You are the genius we have been seeking.  Whether you are willing to accept this role or not, your destiny is waiting.  I heard Steve Harvey confirm in his morning meditation, ďYour discipline will determine your destinyĒ.  What is your destiny?  Are you walking in your purpose daily?  Our community needs people who are willing to be uncomfortable to share their life and resources to make a significant difference for others.


Our people across the county are hurting in a big way.  We cannot rely on the federal, state, or local government to rescue us, or come to our aid.  This is our responsibility, not theirs.  I am planning on using this space in The Urban Voice over the coming months to inspire positive change, and rally support.  Pay close attention to my articles, because I will use it to speak to your spirit, and compel your soul to act.  Iím not looking for lukewarm commitments, but people who are willing to reflect on their past, and leverage it by working to improve their future, by servicing those less fortunate than you.  If there is something missing in our community, then fill the void.  Learn the power of collaboration, and use it.  Only by working together will we fulfill our goals, and life pursuits.


When you tap into our past, you will quickly realize the brilliance of our people.  We have survived insurmountable odds, and overcome significant obstacles by tapping into our greatness.  Our efforts went on to build the greatest country in the history of mankind; this requires Black Genius!  Now is the time to walk into the rich heritage and amazing legacy of our forefathers. We are Black Geniuses, and itís time we realize who we are and start moving in the spaces we belong.  Iím calling on you to step up by living your dreams, by making someoneís future extra special.  Iím counting on you!   



Dr. Gerald D Curry is a senior government official, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, college professor, retired U.S. Air Force officer, and dedicated family man.  He holds a doctorate in management from Colorado Technical University, and spends his time encouraging and inspiring young people around the globe as the National Director for Leadership and Mentoring for the Menís Empowerment Network. He sits on several national and civic boards and international councils maturing their agendas.  Donít hesitate to contact him to support your endeavor.   












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