There’s VALUE in Owning a Home          

by Greg DeVille-Broker/Owner DeVille Realty Group


Many people don’t realize that, when they’re in a rental situation for longer than three years, they are losing money verses gaining equity while paying off someone else’s mortgage.


DeVille Realty Group continues to educate on how to “Create Wealth Through Equity”.


The American Dream starts with getting your credit in order; this is necessary to achieve your expectation of the American Dream (homeownership). Face the challenge many families face, which is cleaning up our credit by disputing our credit reports of derogatory items placed by third-party collection agencies.  Without proper notice, these collection agencies place negative items on the consumer’s report. Typically, these agencies go unchallenged, allowing the negative items to remain to harm your credit rating. In 2018, DeVille Realty Group is committed to bringing awareness through the knowledge of “credit education and restoration”. We help you remove the “derogatory remarks” that prevent so many from achieving The American Dream of homeownership.


As Owner/Broker of DeVille Realty Group, I have had my fair share of credit challenges and loss during the decline of the economy and the real estate industry of 2008. I have had to face the elephant in the room, my credit score, and take the necessary actions to correct my credit score. With much anticipation and effort, it has been accomplished; in December 2017 we celebrated our one-year anniversary in our own home.


The real process of owning a home is not as difficult a process as some may think. The process of owning a home is as simple as 1-2-3.


1.  Get approved by a local lending institution, bank, brokerage or a credit union.


2.  Connect with your local real estate company, DeVille Realty Group, to arrange home showings in your area of choice, once approved.


3.  Find the home, get the offer accepted and open escrow. Closing can take about 25-30 days, then you receive your keys to your NEW HOME.


4. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) declares that ANYONE who has Not owned a home in the past three years is considered a first-time home buyer even if you owned a home in the past.


The Advantages are:


1. Qualify with a 580 FICO (credit score) with your own down payment funds.


2. Get a loan with 100% financing (620 FICO).


3. Receive a $15,000 grant towards down payment (620 FICO minimum).


4. Veterans only need to qualify with a 580 FICO.


5. Self-employed individuals can qualify with one-year bank deposit statements: 620 FICO score.


Selling your home is made simple with DeVille Realty Group. We will come to your home or place of business and share with you a comparative market analysis of your home’s value to help determine your home’s equity. Today’s market is a seller’s market, and many sellers are being presented with multiple offers on their homes with the right listing price. The right listing price is not being above the market value in your area, but staying in the price range of your area and like properties. Many owners believe their home is worth more because of some upgrades, but in all actuality, some have over-built and can’t get what they expect.



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