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I purchased an ADVERTISEMENT in the SPRING EDITION of the 2018 URBAN DIRECTORY and was told the ad would remain in the print edition for twelve months, yet I see the FALL EDITION is being released in May of 2018.  What happens to my advertisement?



You will have the opportunity to refresh or update your advertisement in APRIL of 2018.  Otherwise, your existing advertisement will be included in the FALL EDITION, as promised, without incurring any additional charge.  In appreciation of the fact that you supported and embraced our vision, you have effectively received a 50% discount over what others will pay moving forward.





What happened to the articles in the magazine?



We will be re-launching The Urban Voice, monthly, beginning in February of 2018.  In addition, we will publish both a Spring Edition and Fall Edition of The Urban Voice twice annually.  There are benefits to advertising in each respective publication, which will be explored in our MEDIA KIT.








In order to populate the online version of the URBAN DIRECTORY, Las Vegas our team elected to data mine information from various sources, verify its accuracy via email or telephone, and generate “Standard Listings” in the online version of the URBAN DIRECTORY, Las Vegas.  This was done at absolutely no charge to the organization represented therein.  In certain instances the same information was included in the SPRING EDITION of the 2018 URBAN DIRECTORY.  However, it is important to note that unless purchased, these listings will be deleted on May 28, 2018 or at the discretion of Unrelenting Media, Inc.. 





What is the difference between a ‘FEATURED LISTING’ and a ‘STANDARD LISTING’?



The primary difference is positioning.  ‘Featured Listings’ are ranked in the order they are purchased and above ‘Standard Listings.’  ‘Standard Listings’ are ranked alphabetically and below ‘Featured Listings’.  Don’t you want to be seen ahead of the competition?  If so, there is only one choice to make…





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