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Victory Missionary Baptist Church

Where the LORD is LIFTED
and the WORD is LEARNED.

Dr. Robert E. Fowler, Sr., Senior Pastor

500 W. Monroe Ave.

Las Vegas, NV  89106

(702) 648-2630 T




Nehemiah Ministries

Building People.  Building a Church.  Rebuilding a City.

Pastor Kelcey West

3606 N. Rancho Dr., Ste. 144

Las Vegas, NV  89130

(702) 645-2544 T



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Alpha & Omega Ministries 

Bishop Frank Gaston, Ph.D.

2610 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.

N. Las Vegas, NV 89032

(702) 971-7015 T



Bread of Life Ministries of His Glory

Pastor Simmie B. Richard

2721 Coran Ln.

Las Vegas, NV 89106

(702) 648-8844 T



Christian Empowerment Center 

Pastor Amy Rucker, Senior Pastor

1322 D. St.

Las Vegas, NV  89106

(702) 504-1915 T



Faith Church, Las Vegas 

Dr. Dennis M. West, Senior Pastor

105 E. Reno Ave.

Las Vegas, NV  89119

(702) 874-8032 T



First A.M.E. Church 

Every Sunday we bring a message of hope.

The only hope to be found in Jesus. 

Pastor Ralph Williamson

2446 Revere Str.

N. Las Vegas, NV  89030

(702) 649-1774 T



Fountain of Hope A.M.E. 

Reverend Gregory K. McLeod

2955 E. Russell Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89120

(702) 798-3949 T



Fresh Wind Ministries 

We Enter to Worship, We Exit to Serve

Pastor Paul & Yolanda Kelker

3660 N. Rancho Dr., Ste. 108

Las Vegas, NV 89130

(702) 395-6700 T



Friendship Church of God in Christ 

Pastor Gordy McDonnell

2249 W Washington Ave.

Las Vegas, NV  89106

(702) 646-1361 T



Gethsemani Missionary Baptist Church 

A Place of Continuous Prayer

Pastor Charles A. McCall

Leading Lady Regina C. McCall

1490 E. University Rd.

Las Vegas, NV  89119

(702) 612-3102 T



God’s House International Ministries 

Apostle Gregory Kirby

1072 W. Bartlett Ave.

Las Vegas, NV  89106

(702) 551-1810 T



Greater Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church 

Dr. Welton T. Smith, III, Senior Pastor

1915 Lexington St.

Las Vegas, NV  89106

(702) 647-3071 T



Greater New Jerusalem 

Bishop James Rogers

1100 D St.

Las Vegas, NV  89106

(702) 648-1784 T



Moments of Blessing House of Prayer

Bishop Tommy Collier

5225 Meikle Ln.

Las Vegas, NV 89156

(702) 631-1195 T



Mountaintop Faith Ministries 

Attending MFM is an anointed, life-changing experience full of worship & praise.  You can expect The Word of God to be taught with simplicity and relevance to your current issues and struggles.  You will leave holistically empowered for life’s challenges and encouraged that Faith in God will take you to the next level.

Pastor Clinton House

2845 S. Lindell Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89146

(702) 367-1636 T



New Antioch Christian Fellowship 

New Antioch Christian Fellowship exists to lead people to Christ, Change and Purpose.

Senior Pastor Naida M. Parson, PhD

610 Belrose Str.

Las Vegas, NV  89107

(702) 644-7373 T



New Beginnings Ministries 

Pastor Bobby Smith

2200 E. Cheyenne Ave., Ste. A

N. Las Vegas, NV 89030

(702) 649-1622 T



One Body in Christ Christian Church 

Pastor Don Burse

5367 Jay Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89130

(702) 658-9792 T



Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ 

People can recognize the way Christians love others. Visitors often express the warm feeling they received the first time they walk through the doors of our church. We invite you to see for yourself!

Bishop Leon Smith, Pastor

1117 F St.

Las Vegas, NV 89106

(702) 648-6856 T



Second Baptist Church 

“The Miracle on Madison Avenue”

Reverend Dr. D. Edward Chaney

500 Madison Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89106

(702) 648-6155 T



St. James the Apostle Roman Catholic Church 

We are building for God's glory!

Reverend James Michael Jankowski

1920 N. Martin L King Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89106

(702) 648-6606 T

(702) 648-0352 F



Sunrise Mountain Ministries 

A place where you can come as you are, but won’t stay as you are.

Pastor Tommy Green

5670 S. Pecos Rd.

Las Vegas, NV  89120

(702) 435-9500 T



Unity Baptist Church 

Pastor Raymond L. Giddens, Sr.

First Lady Linda D. Giddens

543 Marion Dr.

Las Vegas, NV  89110

(702) 459-2263 T




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