Adam Ganz, Esq. - Candidate for District Court, Dept. #3

“The road may be long, but the rewards are sweet to those who endure to reach the top.”


It’s a mantra that many long-distance road cyclers have repeatedly used to encourage themselves to persevere, even under extreme circumstances.  It is also a phrase that could describe the way that Adam Ganz has faced every goal, obstacle, and subsequent success in his life. 


On a wrinkled piece of elementary school handwriting practice paper, a second grader’s carefully thought out words are scrawled, “I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.”  Adam’s mother, who recently passed away, had kept his cherished childhood assignment for thirty years.  He always knew who and what he wanted to become, and his determination was laser-focused, even then. 


Raised in Las Vegas after his family moved here in the early 1970’s, Ganz attended public schools until he left at age seventeen to pursue his education.  Working and putting himself through school to achieve his degree in Political Science at the California State Polytechnic University at Pomona and then graduating from the University of San Diego Law School, Adam knew that he wanted to be a champion for children.  His drive was fueled by a desire to ensure that the community he grew up in was a safe place for his own future children and grandchildren.  He was the first of his family to graduate from college, let alone attain a law degree.


Having accomplished his higher education goals, Adam Ganz returned to Las Vegas to serve that very same community that had nurtured him in his youth.  For over twenty years, he has been representing thousands of people and has litigated a vast number of social justice issues that plagued both the city of Las Vegas as well as Arizona, where he is also licensed to practice.  As a founding partner of the Ganz & Hauf, CHTD. law firm, he is currently a private practice civil litigation trial attorney.


In his extensive legal career, Adam has always focused on making the community safer by holding individuals, corporations, and even our local government accountable for their actions.  He has litigated hundreds of complex matters, from defective products to suing insurance companies for failing to live up to their promises to protect the people that they insured. In his many years of experience, he has enjoyed trying cases as either the lead attorney or the second chair with, and against, some of the best lawyers in the field. 


As a result, he has tried cases in front of most judges in this community, and he has argued several times in the Nevada Supreme Court, Nevada Court of Appeals, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.  Ganz has also sat on several boards of directors for non-profit organizations, also. 


Adam Ganz’s passion, however, has remained in representing children.  Proud to be certified as a child advocate by The Children’s Attorney Project sponsored by Clark County Legal Services, Adam was one of the first to volunteer.  In addition to his volunteer work, in his private practice Ganz has championed the cause of many children who were wrongfully removed from their homes by the Department of Family Services and later were abused, neglected, maimed, or even killed while they were wards of the foster care system.  He hasn’t hesitated in suing the Clark County School District for failing to protect our children from those who abused and harmed students while they were in their care at school.


“My biggest passion in the legal system is fairness.  If a system is not fair for all, it fails us all.”  Ganz states emphatically.  “I use integrity and humility to guide me to every decision, every day of my life – whether that is within the legal context or at home.  Without integrity our justice system fails, and without humility it is impossible to learn from our mistakes.”


In addition to being a dynamic and effective attorney that has a proven track record of service, Adam is a loving family man. He  has been married for twenty-one years to the beautiful mother of his twin teenagers, who are graduating high school this year.  He remains healthy and active, enjoying cycling (having road cycled over one hundred miles in one day), hiking and skiing, and loved coaching Little League and Girls’ Volleyball for the last fifteen years.  He is an avid fan of our beloved Golden Knights and Aviators. 


“My biggest hobby is being a dad,” he smiles, recalling the moment his teenaged son finished the half marathon twice as fast as he himself did in the past.


Adam Ganz is running for District Court Judge in Department 3 in the 2020 election. He strives to improve the lack of faith that many people have come to have in the judicial system.  He is dedicated to developing trust by working with the community to dispel the thoughts of an unfair, unethical and hostile judiciary.  He is eager to give back to the community that has already given him so much over the forty years that he has lived here.


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03 Feb 2020

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