Adriana Rincon-White, Esq. - Candidate for District Court, Family Division - Dept. W

No one said that the job would be easy.


In January of 2019, Adriana Rincon White was appointed as the Court Hearing Master in the Juvenile Dependency Court.  She would be expected to hear cases involving the abuse and neglect  of children, and in a matter of minutes (the average length of time most cases are presented) be able to decide on what is in the best interest of the child or children involved.  Her decisions not only must take into consideration the affect that it will have on the children and their families, but they must reflect the upholding of parental rights that are protected by the United States Constitution.


“My court is filled with raw emotions.  These situations will rock you to your core.  I have to be prepared to make the right decision, even though it may not be a popular one,” White explains, adding, “My job is difficult, and it has a tremendous impact on our community.”


If anyone is equipped to face the challenge, it is Adriana.  As a child, she was a migrant farm worker from the young age of four until she was twelve years old.  Each summer, White would travel from her home in Southern California to the state of Washington to work in the fields harvesting berries.  There were no child labor laws that protected her at the time, so she was expected to toil in the sun just like everyone else.  Although difficult, this experience instilled a strong work ethic and an understanding of the value of a higher education deep within her.


Adriana watched her strong single mother work off her legal fees by cleaning the divorce attorney’s office for years in exchange for representation against Adriana’s father.  While the young girl worked beside her mother, she marveled at the legal books in the lawyer’s office, and her dream to become an attorney was ignited.  As she grew older and began to realize those dreams, she saw herself becoming a role model to other people of color who would follow in her footsteps in the legal field.


Completing her undergraduate studies at San Diego State University and later acquiring her law degree from California Western School of Law, she remained focused on her goals.  After passing the bar and becoming licensed to practice law in Nevada in 2008, she has been tirelessly working in the area of Family Law.  She is the proud mother of two small children and is happily married to a school teacher.


In the upcoming election, White will be running for the judicial seat in Department W of the Family Court.  She is eager to be a critical part of diversifying the bench in Clark County.


“It is alarming that approximately 20% of the litigants in Family Court are Hispanic, yet there is only one judge presiding currently (out of twenty) who is of Hispanic descent,” Adriana informs.


In her campaign efforts, Adriana Rincon White is eagerly educating the public on why this election is of such great importance.  With the impact that a judge has on the community that they serve, voting should be taken seriously by all constituents.  Adriana stresses that you should always consider the candidate’s knowledge of the law, their experience in the courtroom, and their particular temperament.  She encourages everyone to personally reach out to the candidates and not be afraid to ask the questions that are important to you. 


“I have a dream that someday people will not be intimidated by the legal process and the justice system.  I have a dream that someday people will find judges to be fair, because they are,” White remarks, mirroring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech.  


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