Anand Nair is Seeking to Represent District A

As a proud United States Marine Corps veteran, Anand Nair learned many valuable life lessons, including the Latin term, “ductus exemplo”, meaning lead by example.  As a Logistics Vehicle Systems Operator for the 6th Motor Transport Battalion, he was required to expertly multi-task and effectively communicate while serving our great country during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Day in and day out, he used multiple specialties to help accomplish a unified mission, and today, he intends to do the same for the Clark County School Board.  Nair asks for your support as he runs for Clark County School Board Trustee in District A, which encompasses Henderson, Laughlin, and Searchlight.


Anand is no stranger to the community he seeks to represent.  He has been a resident of the Henderson community for twenty-four years and graduated from Basic High School.  As a product of the Clark County School District, Nair strongly believes that this is the time that his proven leadership can be utilized best.  Improving the communication of the many moving parts of the schoolboard will be one of his top priorities, along with raising the standard of excellence in our school system.


“Average is not an acceptable standard.  Rather than pushing children through the system, we must spend our time and resources elevating that system to the next level,” Anand urges.


In addition to serving in the military, Anand Nair currently acts as the Managing Director of Westpac Wealth Partners.  Having nineteen years of experience as a wealth management advisor makes him uniquely qualified to assist the school board by taking a close examination into the numbers and pinpointing where any monetary breakdowns may lie.  Nair is dedicated to establishing long-term financial success for the district, which will position it to focus on the teachers, administration, and most importantly, the students and their growth.


Both Anand and his wife Lindsay attended school in District A, and they know first-hand that the community has the ability to produce amazing students that will one day become business owners, skilled workers, inventors, and more.  They currently live two miles away from Anand’s alma mater.  Creating a better life and setting high expectations for their own two children – Kai and Eden – is paramount to them both, and providing them with the education that they need to achieve their greatest future is how they intend to do so. 


Anand recalls fondly, “When I think back to my time at Basic High School, the teachers who took the time to better me as a person are what made it the most memorable.  There were so many of them who saw beyond the rail-thin teenager with energy to spare to the person with the potential to change the world.”


Acting as an advocate for the community will be Anand’s goal as he brings stability to the school board through effective partnerships, displaying empathy, and executing a greater vision for the district as a whole.  Accountability will be key as the board moves forward.


“Service to all has been a core belief of mine,” Nair explains. “I believe the more you give, the more you receive.  Service is about something greater than one’s self, it’s the ability to understand that the value one brings to any situation can be deployed at multiple levels throughout a community with the sole intention of lifting others to their greatest potential.”


Nair has been active in the Las Vegas community for years, previously sitting on the board for the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority and the Nevada Corporate Investment Trust Board.  He currently is a part of the Dignity Health Foundation Board.  This experience will be of extreme value to bring strength and leadership to the current school board.  By regularly attending mixers, chamber events, and galas in and around the city, Nair enjoys engaging the community face-to-face, and by leveraging social media, he intends to stay connected in a multitude of ways.  He commits to being physically present in the outlying communities of District A – Searchlight and Laughlin – at least once a quarter, in addition to calls and video conferencing in between visits to be sure that they are included in all decision-making processes.

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