Being recognized for his role in our community

Quintessentially, on Friday, July 30, 2021, the atmosphere was conducive, and the vibe was electrifying anticipating the entrance of the Bishop-Elect Bill Herbert McDonnell, Junior entering the sanctuary of the Unity Baptist Church, making his way down the center aisle as the newly Episcopal candidate to be fully affirmed, consecrated and enthroned as the Chief Apostle, Primate and Apostolic Father of the Nehemiah Kingdom Fellowship. Preamble, an assemblage of witnesses gathered in a closed session at Four O’clock in the afternoon to be eyewitnesses of the initial phase of the elevation of Episcopate-Designate Bill Herbert McDonnell, Junior, being inducted into the College of Episcopates as Episcopate-Elect, establishing him for emplacement to be fully vetted, elevated, consecrated and enthroned to the Office of Primate and Apostolic Father.


Promptly at Six O’clock in the evening on Friday, July 30, 2021, history was made, as a plethora of observers witnessed a son and native of the historic Westside of Las Vegas be crowned as a Prince in the Lord’s Church. His Eminence, His Grace, The Most Reverend Bill Herbert McDonnell, Junior, Establishmentarian and Senior Pastor of the Wealthy Place Ministries, located at 902 West Owens Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada became the very first Ecclesiastical Leader and Pastoral Dignitary elevated and consecrated to the Episcopacy as an Episcopate-Ordinary and Enthroned as the Primate and Apostolic Father of the Nehemiah Kingdom Fellowship, which is headquartered in Southern Nevada.


This celebrated episcopal event made history, being the only Episcopal Consecration and Enthronement ceremony that has ever been held in the City of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada among that of any African American Pentecostal Organization or/and Reformation, and gallantly, it was the elevation of this Las Vegan son, Bishop Bill Herbert McDonnell, Junior who was gloriously crowned as a Prince in the Lord’s Church. Many episcopal and ecclesiastical dignities, along with the contemporaries of Bishop McDonnell came from various states from across the breadth and length of the United States, such as states like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, California, just to name a few to witness and celebrate this momentous occasion.


As the Chief Consecrator and Chief Celebrant, Chief Apostle and International Primate of the Ru’ach International Fellowship Network of Churches, Inc., (headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada), His Eminence, His Grace, The Most Reverend Derek Anthony Rimson and the Presidium of the Ru’ach International Fellowship who served as Co-Consecrators of this colossal observance, in addition to the Bishop Ron Thomas who serves as the Second Assistant Presiding Bishop of Nehemiah Kingdom Fellowship and Senior Pastor of the Reconciliation Apostolic Ministries (Las Vegas, NV), Bishop Tommy Collier, Senior Pastor of the Moments of Blessings House of Prayer (Las Vegas, NV), Bishop Terry Cox, Senior Pastor of the Shadow Faith Church Ministries (Las Vegas, NV) and other guest Episcopate-Ordinaries and Suffragan Bishops that help to officially solidify and authenticate this Episcopal Enthronement.


His Grace, Bishop Bill H. McDonnell, Junior, as the Primate and Chief Apostle of the Nehemiah Kingdom Fellowship is now the Apostolic Father and mentor of the more than fifteen (15) local pastors in the Southern Nevada area with open enrollment for additional pastors who would like to connect to and fellowship with a promising and innovative fellowship that offer many helpful tools and resources for visionary pastors and ministerial leaders, allowing opportunity to network and fellowship with other progressive and visionary pastors and ministerial leaders who seek an episcopal covering and mentorship for an experienced pastoral patriarch and apostolic father of the faith. If interested, more information is provided via the Facebook account of the Nehemiah Kingdom Fellowship, or you can contact:


Deacon Leonard Folmar at (702) 241-5338.

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