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Overcoming Barriers

Overcoming barriers can be a very heavy topic, and perhaps deserves more time than I’m going to give it here. But I believe it’s necessary to embark on this topic, if only for a moment, because every day we all must navigate life challenges. Everyone at some point in their life will encounter barriers. How a person reacts or deal with those barriers will determine their future success or failure, even if the results are temporary. Most people when confronted with a life challenge, will reach for the quickest solution, or more commonly called, “low-hanging fruit,” and once satisfied will proceed back on the same track as before. Every problem creates an opportunity to pivot in a different direction.


Problems come and go in life, and I’ve lived long enough to realize that each problem is relative to the person enduring the challenge. We typically find our solutions from experiences we’ve had in the past or use the same strategy from someone we’ve seen with a similar situation. If you want to make better decisions, you must acquire new knowledge, so your actions or reactions are more deliberate and intentional. I’ve found that to acquire new knowledge you must do these four things, either have a conversation with someone, read a book, gain more exposure about your situation, or obtain your own personal experiences. Doing any of these will shed more insight on how to resolve your situation. Years have taught me, that all the answers to your problems rest inside of you. You merely need to quieten your spirit and listen for the answer.


I can recall my father telling me, “When you’re born, you look like your parents, but when you die, you look like your decisions.” Over the years, I have found his saying profound, and leverage it every chance I can to make better decisions. Many times, adverse conditions create a rush or urgent need to resolve the problem. When you are compelled with a life situation, I mean a tough problem, it may seem you have to make a quick decision, and you might! Life has taught me, that this is the time you really need to sit back and deeply analyze all the parameters surrounding your problem, take in a little advice from those you trust, and then make your decision on what to do, and how to proceed.


Naturally, there are several problem-solving theories and strategies we could discuss, but this is not the place to focus on them, but to simply say, take the time to think deeply about your situation, and the likely consequences of each potential action. Every decision has a consequence, and you need to decide if you are willing to accept the risk or likely consequences. There’s an old adage that says, “Don’t make a short-term decision, to resolve a long-term problem.” The lasting impact can haunt you for years to come.


I’ve seen too many people struggle through life, because they never took the time to truly think about the best options. Many of these “best options” are temporary solutions, and may be good for the moment, but not good for the long-term. In my life-coaching/consulting business, I find most people do not make long-term goals, they tend to either think about the here-and-now or perhaps a year from now. Rarely will I find anyone focusing on 20 – 30 years forward.  Even business owners I meet, tend to think about their business on a yearly basis, instead of growing a 100-year company like the Fords, Hiltons, Vanderbilts, Marriotts, etc. When you develop short-term solutions to your long-term situation, you might be overlooking the meaningful details to elevate yourself or your business.


Overcoming barriers is a norm that everyone has to encounter, but how you come to the best solution will determine your success or failure. I recommend you invest the necessary time and energy by thinking deeply about your situation and find 3 – 5 people who have experienced something similar, before making a final decision. If you are experiencing financial problems, as most of us do, and will, find a way to generate additional income, instead of asking for a loan. I know this sounds easier than it actually is, but most of the time you merely need to take the time to move yourself forward by reinventing yourself.


The best solutions are those that are meaningful, sustainable, and enduring. If each of your decisions meet these criteria, then you will find yourself in the winner’s circle more times than not. Living intentional takes time and expecting barriers before they show themselves will become your secret to living a successful life.