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The Importance of Time

by Dr. Gerald D. Curry on

Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn about 'The Importance of Time' in an article by Dr. Gerald D. Curry, Publisher of Curry Brothers Publishing in Haymarket, Virginia. Dr. Gerald D. Curry is a Retired Colonel from the US Air Force.... Read full article

Nevada lawmakers passed bold, historic reforms in 2019

by Speaker Jason Frierson on

This year’s legislative session offered us an opportunity to tackle some of Nevada’s greatest challenges. In the 2018 election cycle, we reached a new milestone for our country when we became the first ever female majority state legislature. ... Read full article

Kamala Harris Speaks At Essence Fest

by Senator Kamala Harris on

Today, at the 25th Annual ESSENCE Fest, Senator Kamala Harris announced her $100 billion plan to invest in minority homeownership to address the racial wealth gap.... Read full article

My highest priority: Lowering health care and prescription drug costs

by Congressman Steven Horsford on

Representative Horsford is a proven champion for Nevada’s working families. He is committed to standing up to the reckless agenda of Donald Trump and congressional Republicans.... Read full article

Kamala Harris at the 2019 Liberty & Justice Event (Iowa)

by Campaign Staff on

Last night at Iowa's Liberty & Justice event, Kamala Harris delivered a rousing speech that laid out what makes her unique in the primary field: her career-long commitment to justice. Watch Kamala's full speech and read some key excerpts.... Read full article

“No More Deans” in CCSD Schools


Clark County School District Superintendent, Dr. Jesus Jara, announced the elimination of 170 middle and high school dean positions through a viral video, June 10, 2019. ... Read full article

How Much Is Enough?

by Dr. Gerald Curry on

In this article I’m asking a very simple question, “How much is enough?” After watching the family in Phoenix, Arizona be verbally and physically accosted for their four-year-old picking up a toy doll, in a store, was flooded with emotions.... Read full article

Battle Born Credentials

by Senator Kamala Harris on

"Every moment I spend with Nevadans seems to further burnish their ‘Battle Born’ credentials–and my most recent trip to the state was certainly no exception." Presidential Candidate Senator Kamala Harris in Las Vegas with Congressman Steven Horsford.... Read full article

Nevada Governor Signs the Strongest Compensation Law in the Country

by Innocence Project Staff on

Governor Steve Sisolak signed a law to compensate innocent Nevadans who were wrongfully incarcerated for crimes they did not commit (Assembly Bill 267). Nevada is the 35th state in the nation to enact a compensation law.... Read full article

The Power of Love

by Dr. Gerald D. Curry on

Throughout the years, hundreds of songs have been written on the power and concept of love. In this article I’m not speaking to the romantic type of love, but that love you feel for your child, a friend or perhaps a relative.... Read full article