Follow Me

The most impactful words ever spoken by a leader in my humble opinion were – “Follow Me.” When Jesus spoke those memorable words that are historically and encouragingly recorded in Matthew 4:19, the scene was set for us to look unto Him as the master recruiter, releaser, and revivalist.


The foundational chapters of Jesus’ teambuilding season, teach us how it is imperative for a leader to not only recruit capable leaders, but more importantly committed followers. The original twelve disciples were handpicked by Jesus from the crowds that followed him town to town.


Recruiting, by definition, means the process of actively seeking out, finding, and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. Therefore, a leader must thoroughly understand his/her vision enough to be able to recruit people (like chess pieces) to ensure that they have the right learning skillsets to produce short-term (The Gospels) and long-term (The Books Acts through the Book Revelation) success.


During his earthly ministry, Jesus encountered a woman who had an issue of blood (Luke 8:45-46). Upon touching him, Jesus inquired who touched him because of the power to heal that had been released from his body. Leadership requires a timeless, yet discerning ability to release (pour out) what God has poured into you.


The fact that some of the greatest professional football coaches have never won a Super Bowl is proof that a great coach and a great team does not guarantee a winning season. Despite the fact that Jesus was undefeated, his team saw defeats via Judas’ betrayal, Peter’s denial, and the disciple’s desertion during the crucifixion. Nevertheless, Jesus being a reviving leader, was able to rally the team (minus Judas) and motivate them (John 20:19-30) to be in a unified and unstoppable position for the official launch of the church (Acts 2).


Gleaning from the recruiting, reviving, and rebuilding leadership style of Jesus has helped me tremendously as I have worked over the last 28 years to become an effective and trusted leader in Las Vegas.


I pray that the past, current, and future membership of the NAACP has found the above-mentioned leadership traits in me as I seek to become the next president of our local chapter. I would like to conclude this article, by asking its readers to review a summary of my resume:


Pastor Kelcey A. West has a lifelong passion, which stems from his childhood, for serving others.  It is because of his passion that he has and currently serves as the senior pastor of Nehemiah Ministries Christian Church for more than 16 years.  Additionally, he is the founder of the 26th Annual “Unity Through Knowledge” Historically Black Colleges and Universities Tours, President for the Nevada/California Interstate Missionary Baptist Church Convention, Executive Director for the Native Son Spelling Bee, Religious Chair and Education Committee Member for the NAACP (Branch #1111), Chaplain for the 100 Black Men Las Vegas, Board Member for the Urban Chamber of Commerce Las Vegas, Project Chair for the Mayor’s Faith Initiative on Education, Co-Chair for the Home Mission Board and State Coordinator for Hope Health Project (National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.), ambassador for Zimbabwe, Africa (Gospelink), Black Advisory Council for Governor Steve Sisolak, Advisory Board Member for the School Justice Partnership Program (Clark County School District) and The Salvation Army Southern Nevada, and as a member of the Clark County Black Caucus.


After reviewing this summary of my local, national, and global dedication and commitment to service, I pray that you will allow me to conclude this article by saying, “Follow Me!” as you vote for your next president of our local NAACP chapter.