CANDIDATE PROFILE: David López-Negrete

Equal Justice under the Law is David López-Negrete’s campaign slogan as he runs for District Court Judge, Department 29.  He believes that each person who comes to court deserves equal respect, courtesy, and consideration.  He believes that the true measure of any society is how it treats its most vulnerable and least powerful members.


That is why López-Negrete has devoted his legal career to ensuring that working-class people and the least fortunate among us get equal justice.  Since graduating law school, he has been a trial attorney in the Clark County Public Defender’s office for a decade, handling a high-volume caseload and acquiring deep courtroom experience.  For the past five years, he has practiced at the highest level, handling life-sentence cases.


He was raised to be hard-working, fair-minded, and respectful towards others.  Born in Mexico City, López-Negrete moved to the U.S. with his family when he was seven years old.  After finishing high school in Portland, OR he attended New York University.  He engaged with his community and served as co-president of La Herencia Latina, the university’s Latin Heritage month planning committee. 


After graduating with honors, he went on to study law at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  On top of his studies, he became president of the Graduate & Professional Student Council, fighting to protect education from budget cuts during the great recession.  It was also during this time that López-Negrete became a U.S. citizen and proudly cast his first vote.


Now, he has decided to run for judge in order to give voters a choice between the status quo and change.  This year has reminded us that the status quo works fine for the wealthy and well-connected but not for everyone else, especially working-class people of color.  We do not need more of the same.  Change cannot wait. 


López-Negrete believes we need more people with backgrounds like his on the bench.  Rich corporations and political insiders do not need more representation.  Everyday people need more representation.  Disadvantaged minorities need more representation.  Equal Justice under the Law has guided López-Negrete since the first client he represented.  It will continue to be his North Star if you honor him with your vote and support.


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