I Care Because I’ve Been There: Dedree “Dee” Butler, Esq.

Proudly endorsed by organizations like SEIU 1107, Hispanics in Politics, the Clark County Black Caucus, Las Vegas Spectrum, VegasDesi, and Independent Black Voters, Dedree “Dee” Butler regularly works with groups that promote diversity and support a community of diverse leaders.  As an attorney practicing in the Clark County Public Defender’s Office for the past decade, she is now running for Family Court Judge in Department J in the upcoming November elections.


“This community needs to listen to the voices begging to be heard.  We need legislators and people in positions of power to create laws and policies increasing protection for all people.  We need direct communication with police leaders willing to address reform.  As a community, that is the first step – to listen and love thy neighbor,” Butler states.


Pointing out that the most recent primary election in Clark County was historic with the most voter turnout in a decade, Dedree emphasizes the importance of educating the public about who the candidates are and the power of voting.  She maintains that people must remain vocal and vote consistently, and she encourages the youth to make their voices heard, especially.  Although local elections aren’t as widely publicized as their national counterparts, Butler contends that constituents should make a point of getting to know their candidates and becoming better informed in making educational decisions, and candidates should get out into the community to get acquainted with the people that they are looking to serve.


“I acknowledge that the feelings of the people who are discouraged by the current system are valid.  I also acknowledge the complexities of the criminal justice system, seen through the lens of historical context that many wish to ignore.  At some point, we must stop complaining, and take action!  Our United States Constitution grants us the power of free speech, and we should continue to voice our grievances and successes to organize and create change.”  Dedree continues, “Leaders within our city, our legislature, and our judicial benches, should reflect the diverse population of our community.”


As a hard-working mother of three small children, the current political climate and racial revolution have hit home for Butler.  Her proudest moment of her life was becoming a mother, and her children are nine, six, and eighteen months old.  Keeping them safe and protected is more significant to her, now more than ever before.


“Unfortunately, my marriage did not work.  I recall feeling like I had failed.  I felt totally defeated.  Like many in our city who are living and thriving despite a failed marriage, I deal with child custody matters, exchanging children based on visitation schedules, and child support modification issues.  I know that I am the best person for this seat, because in addition to my legal background and experience, I can relate to these families firsthand.  I will never forget what it feels like to stand in that space, because I am living in that space daily,” she pauses, thoughtfully.  “I want to show litigants how families can work together to find a new kind of happiness on the other side of divorce.  Equal representation on the bench matters because people want to see someone who not only looks like them, but someone who is fighting on the front lines for fairness and equality.  This is how we build a better trust and belief in the system.”


Once Butler wins the judicial election, she plans on working hard to give back to her community through education and teaching creative conflict resolution regarding sensitive family matters.  She sites her patience and compassion as two valuable traits that allow her to properly deal with high emotional matters while remaining professional, fair, and respectful to all who would appear before her.


To learn more about Dedree “Dee” Butler, Esq. and follow her campaign, please visit www.Butler4Judge.com .

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