The Importance of Time

Time is the one commodity that we periodically take for granted. We move through life thinking we have plenty of time to spare. You remember Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” The older I get, the more I cherish each second, and I’m grateful for the smallest of things. A warm smile from a stranger, a good meal with my wife, or playing with my grandchildren. These activities are extra special to me, and should be embraced to the fullest, because all we really have is right now.



When I give speeches across the country, I remind my audience of how special time is by recalling there are simply 24 hours in a day, equaling to 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds. Every single second is critically important and should be given the attention it deserves. In reading Eckhart Tolle’s, “The Power of Now” he reports there is no real future, as we know it, and the past is merely a collection of previous now’s that we’ve experienced. His emphasis on the “Now” brings to light how impactful time really is. When we live in the moment, or our “Now,” time is illuminated and given significant importance because we are allowed the chance to do, feel, experience, and act. Whatever mistakes, or failures, you had yesterday, can be changed or overcome with triumph in the very next second. He teaches us to own our future, by discarding our past, and living your best self in our “Now”!



Over the years I have met hundreds of people who have delayed going to college, because of life’s challenges, and it just was not as important during that period, but later to conclude they were just wasting time. There really is no absolute “right time” to accomplish anything. The right time is now, for it’s all you got.



Once you’ve confirmed your goals, set a date when you want to accomplish this task. Realize life may get in the way, so create contingency plans that buffer you during these times, and most importantly keeps your eyes on your prize. Some dreams may have to be delayed, but whatever you do keep your focus, by always returning what you started.



When you fully understand the importance of time, it changes what you allow in your life. You no longer allow people to pull you into their mess and drama, because you realize you only have a finite amount of time. Everything you do is done purposefully, deliberately, and with specificity. Every morning when you wake up, you have an established set of routines that guide your daily activities. No second is wasted but filled to the brim with a task that moves you closer to your goals.



Make your dreams your reality, by mastering your time. Never over commit to things, and always give yourself enough time to accomplish those things you said you were going to do. Find someone who will serve as your accountability partner. This is the person that believes in you and your dreams. If you cannot find someone, then give me a call!



When you change your thinking, you change your life. What we think about becomes our reality. Everything that is, was once nothing more than a thought. What do you think about? Learn to control your thoughts and leverage your time to support your thinking. Have big thoughts! Dream big dreams! Mastering your time is the start of getting what you want out of life.



Understanding time is critically important to your success. And just as important is guiding your thoughts and actions so you can master your time. As the good book says, “tomorrow is not promised to any man”. So, what are you doing today, to maximize your NOW? Stop wasting time and live your greatest life right now; today, not tomorrow. Expand your world by mastering your time. Controlling your time may be your first step to living your best self. Fill your day with powerful activities that elevate you and your family. Your time is all you got. Make the most of it.



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