Fixing Nevada's Broken Healthcare System

Democrats in the state legislature are once again attempting to fix Nevada’s broken healthcare system with Senate Bill 420. Billed as a unique-to-Nevada solution, this new public health insurance plan would leverage the state’s buying power to bring down costs while ensuring that all Nevadans across the state have access to in-network doctors. They’re calling it the Nevada Public Option and we’re wholeheartedly supporting it. Here’s why you should too:


  • The Nevada Public option would reduce premiums by 15 percent over the first years. This lower-premium plan would force insurers to compete for your business. To be competitive, they would need to reduce premiums on their other products while still maintaining the essential health benefits required under the Affordable Care Act.


  • If you qualify for a subsidy today on Nevada Health Link, you can apply that subsidy to the lower-cost Nevada Public Option, which further reduces your out-of-pocket cost.


  • The Nevada Public Option will create a trust fund that could allow for additional subsidies that would bring down premiums and deductibles even further after the first four years.


  • The Nevada Public Option would have a state provider network so that no matter where you are at in the state, you will have a doctor in-network.


There’s a lot more to love about this approach. For instance, the proposal protects doctors and other providers by requiring that reimbursement rates be at least what they receive under Medicare. There is also a provision in the proposal that helps bring more uninsured pregnant women into Medicaid so that their health and the health of their babies are protected.


We think this is a well-rounded, thoughtful approach that ensures that all Nevadans, and particularly communities of color, have access to consistent quality care at a more affordable price. We urge the legislature to get SB420 across the finish line.


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