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Fueling Creativity in North Las Vegas: The Gas Station Studios

A hidden gem in plain sight lies on Losee road’s industrial corridor; The Gas Station Studios may not have anything to do with cars, but it has everything to do with driving local talent and production to new heights. For the needs of the biggest pop stars in entertainment down to the small business owners in need of high-quality marketing materials, The Gas Station service as the convenience store for production.


A Creative Development Powerhouse


In 2016, Tyler Gaston, also known as Gas from his days as a UNLV football defensive lineman, founded this music production business in North Las Vegas with a mission to bring quality, professionalism, and production excellence to the community. His vision goes beyond entertainment; it's about nurturing the city's creative spirit. What began as a music production studio has evolved into a 6,000 square foot "Creative Development Center." This center boasts a podcast studio, three state-of-the-art audio production studios for performing arts, and a versatile event space ideal for various services, including film and photography.


The expansion is not just about business growth; it's about expanding opportunities within the city. Tyler Gaston explains, "It's about bringing more opportunity to the city and showing young people here that it's not far-fetched to have a career in music or the arts." Alongside his spouse, Tiana Gaston, and longtime friend and business partner Damian Hicks, they have cultivated strong community ties, fueling the city's demand for audio and film production services.


A Diverse Portfolio


The Gas Station Studios has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape. Their production credits range from collaborating with popular recording artists like Adina Howard, Tech N9ne, Future, Joyner Lucus, to contributing to productions for platforms such as Netflix, Showtime Boxing, ESPN, and NBA 2k. This diversity showcases their ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the entertainment industry as well as provide the experience and skill to help other local small business owners, entrepreneurs, social influencers, and future generations to successfully use audio and visual media to promote themselves, their stories, and their brands to the public.


A Model for Empowering Creatives


Tyler Gaston envisions The Gas Station as a model for businesses that not only create jobs in the industry but also pave the way for local creatives to work in digital media and film without having to leave Las Vegas. He emphasizes, "The Entertainment Capital of the World should facilitate the growth of entertainers and artists who contribute to its economy."


Expanding into Film


Not content with their achievements in the music and entertainment realm, The Gas Station recently expanded into film production. They opened an entirely new wing next door, housing a complete film studio with nine individually themed sets. What was once a mechanic's shop is now home to various film sets, including a lush jungle-themed room, a mock courtroom and jail cell, and a visually stunning "Matrix" room adorned with LED screens.


Tiana Gaston remarks, "As artists ourselves, we identified what was missing in the valley. For example, jail cells and prison sets are essential for hip-hop visuals, but the closest one was in L.A. When we looked for locations with lush greenery for video shoots, we couldn't find a suitable place nearby."


Building Community through Creativity


Tyler Gaston and his team firmly believe in building Vegas culture from the inside out. Their community outreach, from the projects they produce to the platforms they create for sharing and promoting local talent, highlights the vibrant creative landscape beyond the Strip.


As The Gas Station Studios continues to evolve into a cultural hub in North Las Vegas, Tyler Gaston hints at exciting plans for the future. He says, "Without giving the plans away, we have a few ideas about how we can make The Gas Station a space where people in the community come together not just to create culture, but to enjoy it as well."


In an industry that often overlooks the potential of local talent, The Gas Station Studios stands as a beacon of creativity, empowerment, and community building, proving that there's much more to Las Vegas than meets the eye.


To contact The Gas Station for service inquiries or more information:


Call: (725) 260-3599

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.imallgassedup.com

Follow The Gas Station Studios @GasStationStudioslv & @GasStationFilmStudios


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