High School Football Sensation: Martin Blake

Remember the name Martin Blake! Currently, he is a sophomore at Canyon Springs High School, but a few weeks ago he was named the MVP for 16-U at the 16-U USA International Bowl in Arlington, Texas, in the USA vs. Mexico game. Martin was one of three running backs playing for the USA team; he scored one touchdown, and ran for 152 yards, out of a total 275 yards for the team. Teams from U.S., Mexico, Japan, Canada and Panama came together to play in the International Bowl which was held at the Dallas Cowboy’s AT&T Football Stadium right outside Dallas, Texas.



College and Professional Football Scouts view this event as a “must-attend!” Las Vegas’ young Martin brought home the MVP ranking, signifying he is one of the best football players in the country. Martin is not the average high school athlete. He plays varsity football, basketball and baseball at Canyon Springs High School. He began his athletic training at the age of four when his father, Coach Robert Blake, enrolled him into the East Palo Alto (EPA) T-Ball and Pitching Machine, supervised and operated by Coach Gene Tate. This program has coached hundreds of Las Vegas youth who have gone on to accomplish great things. Coach Tate emphasizes the importance of professional learning by having his student athletes attend college fairs, visit local business, college campuses, and hear directly from professional athletes as a mandate of being in his program.



Martin Blake paid close attention while enrolled in the EPA Program, and continually involves himself in community activities, such as the BLITZ Program, and in mentoring individuals who are mentally challenged and participating in events at Mount Liberty Missionary Baptist Church. Martin currently holds a solid 3.6 GPA with aspirations of attending UCLA for his undergraduate degree. I am certain he will not have any problems being accepted and doing exceptionally well.



The Blake household loves God and values education. Coach Blake reports his older daughter, Porsche, has a master’s degree in psychology; daughter, Briana, has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphic Design; son, Robert, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration; and oldest son, Jason, helps the family steer clear of negative pressures by assisting his siblings. This is a very close-knit family that supports one another by elevating and filling in wherever it is necessary.


Keep your eye out for Martin Blake, who is currently 16 years old. He is sure to break records, be in the running for the Heisman Trophy, playing as an All-Star college athlete, and even going professional. We need to support our young superstars, and Martin is setting the bar high. We are so proud of his accomplishments!

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