Getting Through Crisis in America

Does it seem to you that this country’s best days are behind it, and that everything is going absolutely CRAZY! If this is your sentiment, you are not alone, nor is this the first time for the country to be in a state of despair, and utter confusion. We can look throughout the United States’ history and about every fifty years it seems like our country swings to the fringes and moves further from the principles it was originally designed. I know what you’re thinking, this country was not originally designed for black and brown people, and you are absolutely right. Fortunately, the words used in our Constitution were brilliantly selected, and now these same words allow everyone to leverage them to their benefit. Yes, this country appears to be chaotic, but only if you are willing to accept the nonsense and distractions created by low-minded individuals who are caught up without success strategies and confidence in yourself to rise above it.


Let’s be realistic and look at what’s going on in the United States. Inflation is at record highs, over a million people have died for the past two years because of COVID-19, climate change has created droughts out west, severe flooding in the Midwest, record high temperatures across the country, high gas prices, and confusion on whether to wear a mask or not. There are also significant frustrations that are shaping behaviors, attitudes, and relationships. Some of those frustrations are trying to decide whether you want to return back to the workspace or continue to work remotely. Other frustrations are enormous flight cancellations, rising food cost, increased violence in communities and schools, mass shootings, out-lawing abortions, political in-fighting, racial disparities, and limiting the right to vote.


I think most of us would agree, there are an abundance of adverse issues and challenges going on in the country, and most of them you cannot control. Control the things you can and discard the things you can’t. While those things we discard are still troubling, you should not allow it to occupy too much of your time and energy. This is the time for you to thrive and rebuild.  Stop focusing on things you cannot control and shift your attention to those things you can control. Unless you work for the Federal Reserve or Internal Revenue, you have no say on what the national interest rate is, or if you are not a Meteorologist, you cannot determine the weather. Learn to control what you can control.


If you want to be successful in severe chaotic times, you must have successful systems and strategies. Your systems and strategies will determine your habits, how and where you spend your time, what you spend your money on, and how you view yourself in times of crisis. Hard times will force you to examine your principles and beliefs. When you are going through something, and I’m speaking of earth-shattering events, it causes you to look inward because everything in life looks cloudy and confusing.  When you are distraught, worn out, and confused, hurt, in pain, feel like giving up, this is when you really learn who you are. You must look inward and take inventory of your skills, talents, community, confidence, and then move out!


I spent my father’s last night on earth with him, and I asked a series of questions. The first question I asked, was, what do you wish you had accomplished if you had your life to live over again, and he said he would have gotten more education. When he finished making this statement, he shared, “When we’re born, we look like our parents, but when we die, we look like our decisions, so make good decisions.” He added, “Everyone has problems, but the answer to every problem already lies inside of you, you merely need to silence yourself and listen to the voice inside of you!” If you are striving through the nonsense and distractions of life, you need to learn to listen to yourself and create the success strategies and systems that will take you to another level.   


Take time today, to figure out your strategies, and take it to another level. If you need help, reach out to me, and know I will pour into you everything I possibly can for your absolute success. The crisis that’s going on in America is not temporary, but here to stay, and you need to figure out what you are going to do about it, and how you need to proceed. Stand tall, create your system, and be steadfast on the principles you need to advance yourself to a whole new level. Be smart!