Justice in Policing

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Rayshard Brooks. Elijah McClain. Tony McDade. Eric Harris. Anthony Hill. Oscar Grant. Aiyana Jones. DJ Henry. Rekia Boyd. Eric Garner. John Crawford. Michael Brown. Laquan McDonald. Tamir Rice. Antonio Zambrano Montes. Lavall Hall. Freddie Gray. William Chapman. Sandra Bland. Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Terrence Coleman. Jocques Clemmons. Walter Scott. Jordan Edwards. Charleena Lyles. Stephon Clark. Antwon Rose. Botham Jean. Atatiana Jefferson. Dreasjon Reed.


These are just a few of the black lives we have lost to white supremacy, racism, biased policing practices and ignorance. And I am tired. I’m tired of hearing news of another unarmed black man being killed at the hands of the police. George Floyd, and so many others like him, should still be alive today.


For all of these black men, women and children -- and their families -- I voted to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020.


The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is the first-ever bold, comprehensive approach to hold police accountable, end racial profiling, change the culture of law enforcement, empower our communities, and build trust between law enforcement and our communities by addressing systemic racism and bias to help save lives.


Specifically, this legislation:


  • Bans chokeholds;


  • Stops no-knock warrants;


  • Ends the qualified immunity doctrine that is a barrier to holding police officers accountable for wrongful conduct;


  • Combats racial profiling;


  • Mandates data collection, including body cameras and dashboard cameras; and


  • Establishes new standards for policing.


With this bill’s ban on no-knock warrants, Breonna Taylor would still be alive. With this bill’s ban on police chokeholds, George Floyd would still be alive. This legislation is necessary to save lives and seek justice and I am proud to cast my vote in favor of this legislation today.


During this moment of national anguish, we must insist on bold change not surrender to the bare minimum.


I also know that the police who work every day in our community deserve the best chance to educate themselves and rid themselves of the biases that have contributed to the rise in brutality against communities of color, and black communities in particular.


I invite you to join us in sending a message to Trump and Senate Republicans that we need comprehensive police reform now.  Please visit http://justiceinpolicing.us now to learn about the bill. You will also have the option to share your thoughts on the bill, and you may choose to become a citizen co-sponsor.


While Americans across the country protest these thoughtless deaths, these are the first steps in many that Congress must take to bring accountability and justice to the many families who have lost loved ones due to racial biases in policing. We must work toward a world where black men, women, and children will be treated with equity by law enforcement.

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