PROFILE: Monica Trujillo, Esq.

No one can accuse attorney Monica Trujillo of being unfocused. She has been committed to following a career in law since she was seven years old, living in Houston, Texas, watching a television lawyer argue to a jury. That television scene lit a fire within that little girl that has yet to be extinguished. She would attend Vanderbilt University, achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, before attending American University, Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C. She has been practicing law as a Public Defender in Las Vegas for the past eleven years.


While attending law school, Trujillo worked as a clerk for the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, and after seeing the Public Defenders there in action, she knew exactly what type of lawyer she wanted to be. She never considered another position until she took into consideration becoming a judge. The Public Defender’s position allows Monica to do what she does best – act as a voice for the people. Her court experience has taught her the value and role of each player in the adversarial system, and she recognizes that many voices go unheard. Standing up for people who are unable to do so for themselves is her mission. She considers herself as a “guardian” for the people that she represents, and she does not hesitate to admit that she takes it very personal.


“It’s personal to me, because several people in my life have at some point felt embarrassed or afraid to speak up for themselves. When I could, I spoke up for them,” Monica states.


Having a deeply rooted sense of compassion for her clients and maintaining a strong sense of integrity is most important to Monica Trujillo. She believes that taking into consideration a person’s life experiences is imperative to treating them justly and having the integrity to do what is right without the expectation of a reward or recognition for it is just as critical.


“I am always going to do what is right, whether people agree with me or not.” Monica declares with bold conviction. “I am confident enough to stand alone if I must, and I do not need validation.”


Running for District Court judge in Department #3, Trujillo desires to serve as a trial judge where she feels she can have the greatest impact. If elected, she plans on ruling with compassion, integrity and respect. Being very familiar with trial court will qualify her to do so. Monica believes that her work and personal experiences, diverse background and her connection with the community are additional benefits to having her serve on the judiciary.


Trujillo urges the community to get out and vote in the 2020 election.


“I personally know that one can often believe that their voice – their vote – does not matter and will not make a difference. But now is the time to stop thinking that your voice doesn’t matter and step up and be the change you want to see. Do not be afraid to do what is right, even against all odds. The things you do and say matter – maybe not immediately, and maybe not even in the next month – but your voice represents power. You should use it!”


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