CANDIDATE PROFILE: Monica Trujillo, Esq.

If you are lucky, every experience, every interaction will teach you something new- about yourself, about the people in your life and your environment. This past year has taught me that even on my worst days, my inner strength guides me towards success. You see, people have doubted my abilities in almost every phase of my life. From the high school counselor who said that Vanderbilt only accepted me because I was Hispanic; to the former colleague who doubted my ability to transfer to homicide cases; to the people who tried to discourage me from running in Department 3, my choices are often uphill battles. But I am always prepared for the challenge. I am self-reflective and hold myself to the highest standards, but always persevere. Those experiences have molded me and led me to this very moment in time.


As I write this, it has almost been a week since the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg- a trailblazer for women’s rights and gender equality. A woman who faced discrimination and made every effort to correct injustice. Like women before and after her, she was powerful, inspiring and helped pave the way for women like me to step up and strive to make a difference. How will you honor those who have paved your way? I will honor them each day until the election. I will honor them each time I speak and each time I tell a voter I am running to make a difference in our community. My quality courtroom experience, diverse perspective and the compassion and understanding I will bring to the bench make me the best choice for Department 3. I will be a judge our community needs and despite the obstacles, I have already prevailed.


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