Up Close and Personal

For the last few months, it has been such a privilege sharing business and legal knowledge with you. However, this month is my birthday month! Therefore, allow me to deviate from my usual writing and instead share five (5) personal things you do not know about me.


I love hosting tea parties.


Growing up, I fell in love with tea. There is something so relaxing and sacred about a cup of tea. I like coffee, but it has the opposite effect and makes me sleepy. Tea, on the other hand, has allowed me to explore various regions of the world. From Africa to Asia, from Europe to India, I could experience a different culture with just a sip of tea. When I discovered tea was a “thing” in London, I instantly added it to my bucket list and fulfilled that wish in 2006. In 2018, I started hosting annual tea parties for little girls ages 4 to 10 to teach them about etiquette, self-esteem, confidence, and presentation skills. We usually have our tea parties around Easter, the little girls dress up, and we have an amazing time. If I weren’t lawyering, I probably would host tea parties every day.


I enjoy cooking.


Cooking has become a bonding experience for my family and I. We love trying new recipes (sometimes disastrously) we find online or recreating dishes we watch on the cooking channel. Cooking (and eating) in our household represents culture, a way to connect, and an opportunity to spend quality time together. Cooking is also one of the ways that I express love to my family by caring for them and nurturing them through an essential life activity. I also believe cooking is a survival skill that I am trying to pass on to my children. No matter where they end up, they need to know how to cook and take care of themselves.


I hate roller coasters, but love skydiving.


Weird. I know. I love skydiving but detest roller coasters. There is something about jumping out of a plane that is freeing! You feel free like a bird. I cannot explain it, but it is so exhilarating. I do not get that same feeling on a roller coaster. I have not yet ridden on a roller coaster that I enjoy. The thought of puking my guts out, the scary feeling, the knots in my stomach, a resounding headache, none of that excites me. Not even in the least bit. Instead, you will find me by the side of the roller coaster, holding your purse, taking pictures, and cheering you on. Live your best life, boo!


I really want to visit all 50 states and all 7 continents.


I have a huge bucket list. I keep updating it and adding more things each year. One item that has remained on my bucket list is visiting all 50 states in America and all 7 continents. So far, I have 17 more states to visit. I also have 3 more continents to visit: South America, Australia/Oceania, and Antarctica. Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to travel as much as I would like, so it is one of the things I am looking forward to once we get back to “normal.”


I do not know how to swim.


I think this is just sad. I love being around water and will be the first one to choose a water activity or water sport, but I do not know how to swim. I have tried to learn several times; however, I have not been successful. I think swimming is very relaxing and a great form of exercising. One day, I hope to learn how to swim. In Las Vegas, there is a shortage of lifeguards especially during the summer. If you have a teenager, encourage them to learn how to swim and get their lifeguard certification. It is a great way to earn money, work out, and save a life.


Now, it’s your turn. I would like to get to know a few things about you too. As a birthday gift to me, please let me know:


Do you like tea? If so, what is your favorite?


Do you enjoy cooking? Please share your favorite recipe.



If you are a fan of roller coasters, which one do you think I should try out? Where is it located?


Have you visited all 50 states and/or 7 continents? What is your favorite city/state and/or continent?


Any tips for learning how to swim as a beginner?


You can also reach out and let me know what you found interesting about me in this month’s article. Look forward to hearing from you.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Augusta Massey is the Founder and Managing Member of Massey & Associates Law Firm, PLLC, where she practices in the firm’s business law, bankruptcy, litigation, and estate planning department, among other areas. While in law school, Ms. Massey served as the Regional Director of the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition for the Southern Region Black Law Students Association, the President of the International Law Students Association, and President of the Association for Trial Lawyers of America. Ms. Massey was also the Champion of the Freshman Moot Court Competition, received a Best Legal Memorandum Award and three CALI Awards for Excellence in Trial Advocacy, Cyber Law, and International Business Transactions. Currently, Ms. Massey is President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association, a Nevada State Advisory Committee Member appointed by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Top 40 under 40 award recipient of the National Bar Association, and a Judge Pro Tempore in Small Claims Court, Las Vegas, Nevada. To contact Ms. Massey, please visit http://masseylawvegas.com or http://mylegalbestfriend.com.


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