Nevada needs the decency and humility of Vice President Joe Biden

The pain in our community is real and certainly is not new. We have felt the weight of systemic racism for as long as we can remember. But we have also seen the resiliency of our community grow to staggering new levels as we respond to the impact of this pandemic.


With our ability to make our voice heard at the ballot box being threatened, I am constantly reminded of a fallen hero.


I had the immense honor of serving with Rep. John Lewis, whose moral courage and leadership on voting rights will eternally shine bright. He marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and nearly lost his life for the right to participate in our democracy. John Lewis continues to inspire me to keep up this fight and to ensure that no one’s voice is left behind.


Rep. Lewis knew that social justice isn’t just a catchphrase or fly-by-night idea. It is a movement that touches lives from coast to coast. The pandemic has taken 200,000 lives, unemployment in Nevada sits at nearly fifteen percent, and the administration continues to fail the American people when strong national leadership is what this country direly needs.


It is clearer now more than ever that it’s time to move America forward and restore the soul of the nation. We need Joe Biden. I was an early supporter of his campaign because he champions diversity of thought and uplifts struggling communities across the country. Joe Biden understands that this pandemic does not discriminate based on party, it continues to devastate us all.


The former Vice President has tangible, real solutions for the African American community and it must start at the very beginning. He is working to get universal pre-K education, boost underfunded schools to fight education inequity, and provide free tuition to public colleges for all families making under $125,000 a year.


He is also committed to making the vaccine safe and rooted in science, and once it is ready it will be free for every American. We need a president who understands the struggles and hopes and dreams of the American people, someone with a shared experience.


Nevada needs the decency and humility of Vice President Joe Biden. We have seen what he has done in office for us in the past and we know he can keep bringing Nevada back. So how do we get him back to the White House?


This year, most voters in Nevada will receive a ballot through the mail. Go to to make sure you are registered and will receive your ballot. Make sure you update, register, or re-register if necessary, by October 15 to automatically receive a ballot by mail. Ballots will start arriving in mailboxes in early October.


Voting by mail is a convenient way to vote. In fact, many of your friends and neighbors are planning to vote by mail this year.


There are three ways to vote in Nevada: (1) returning your ballot by mail, (2) dropping your ballot off at a drop box location near where you live or work, or (3) voting in-person during early voting or on Election Day.


Whether you fill out your ballot at the kitchen table with your family or on a Zoom call with your friends, it is important to make a plan. How you vote is your choice. But no matter how you vote this year, do it early. If you have any questions about the process of voting this year, visit or call (888) 525-8683.


Joe Biden’s campaign has been about building diverse coalitions while not tearing down those who disagree with him. It will take that commitment to lift up all voices to make our country better than before. We can help him win. We must help him win.

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