Don’t Let Nevada Miss Out on the Money We’re Owed: Fill Out Your Census Today!

The deadline to complete your 2020 Census is fast approaching. If you have not filled out your census form yet, do so today! So far, the news isn’t good for Nevada: the Nevada Independent reported that over half of Nevada counties still have yet to reach the response rates they saw in 2010.


We need to turn those numbers around! The census determines the federal funding our state gets. A higher census response rate means more money for our schools, hospitals, roads, and more. This funding is especially important for our state’s long-term recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and would help shore up our economy. The census count also determines our state’s representation in Congress—your voice in our government.


You can make a difference for the Silver State. Don’t wait—fill out your census form and get counted today!


Make sure to visit for more information and to fill out your census form online.  Remember, you can also fill out your census in the mail or over the phone by calling (844) 330-2020. If a census taker knocks on your door, be sure to take a few minutes to talk with them if you haven’t already filled out your census! You only need to do this once through one of these options, but by taking five minutes of your time you are getting your tax dollars back into Nevada schools, roads and communities!


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