What is Annabez?

I had the pleasure to sit down with Mrs. Charmeana Pinkard to discuss this amazing little gem named Annabez Candle Boutique (pronounced Anna-Beez) named after her grandmother.


MA: How did Annabez begin?


CP: I love all things fashion, energy, self-care and skin care related.  I knew I wanted to open a boutique for a long while, but I wanted to ensure that anything that I would market would be something I believed in and I could put my own touch to.   I have always been a big candle lover; at any given time, I would have 40+ candles at my home. Then COVID hit! I was still burning but running low on my supply.  That’s when the idea to create and make my own candles came about. After researching scents, waxes and wicks, I began to try out and share samples of my work, one of the first things that I noticed during the research phase, was the differences between the waxes. For instance, I learned that paraffin wax candles can cause cancer, which is how I came to the decision to make soy wax the best choice.


MA: What makes your candles stand out from others?


CP: Many different components go into my candles.  From starting with the clean burning soy wax, and my ECO wicks, which ensures no left-over black soot residue around the sides of your candle container. I wanted to create a positive energy experience for each person. Setting a good intention to make each candle an experience, no matter where you are in your home. 


MA: CBD bath bombs? Tell me more!


CP: I would say that my CBD bath bombs are more for healing.  Healing your muscles, getting your mind and body in sync.  The aroma of the bath bombs can help you sleep and help you relax. I also offer a hemp line of bath bombs that alleviate symptoms such as acne, eczema and sun damage while also softening the skin. The purpose of these bath bombs is to ensure they are made with all-natural ingredients such as avocado oil, almond oil and hempseed oil. It’s about making people feel good, it’s how you go to your tub, set that intention, close your eyes and check to ensure your vibe is chill. I always think if I am not in a good headspace, I cannot be solid for my husband, employees, anyone. I want to be solid when I am making my products, I want my customers to be solid – I want them to feel good. In every bath bomb you will feel very hydrated with no leftover residue or clean up, as we use little to no colorants.   


MA: How can we get our hands (and noses) on all these great smelling products?


CP:  I am happy to say that Annabeez has opened their first location at Fantastic Indoor Swap meet at: 1717 South Decatur 89102 we are there every weekend.


You can also order online at: www.annabez.com


Once on the site, please feel free to sign up for my newsletter which showcases a different scent intention for each month. I also send out weekend coupons to help save as well. 


MA: Do you have any specials with Mother’s Day around the corner?


CP: I absolutely do! I have wonderfully scented gift boxes with this month’s scent which is floral. You will find aromas such as honeysuckle, jasmine, gardenia, lavender and ylang ylang.  The set includes one bath bomb as well as the wild rose bath salt. Until Mother’s Day we will take 30% off online or in our store.  These bombs come in either regular, CBD, or you can request hempseed oil options.


MA: What is your overall goal with your line?


CP: Trying to create an energy of positivity, serenity and tranquility.  I want everyone to check their vibe.  That is what my products are all about.

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