Why I fight for Nevada

I’m a third generation Nevadan who was born and raised in Las Vegas, and I’ll always fight to protect Nevadans.


My family taught me to work hard, be honest, and respect everyone. It is because of my parents’ hard work that my sister and I became the first in our family to graduate from college. I went into public service to make sure every Nevadan has that same opportunity.


During my two terms serving as Nevada’s attorney general, I kept our communities safe. I cracked down on crime, protected consumers, and worked closely with local law enforcement. It was my mission to stand up for vulnerable women and girls, and I led the fight to break up sex trafficking rings, passing a landmark law to make sex trafficking a felony crime, ensuring victims of domestic and sexual violence had the right to sue their captors, and expanding the sex offender registry to protect kids.


When I saw Nevadans being taken advantage of, I took action. I created a special Senior Protection Unit to keep seniors safe from abuse, neglect, and scams, and I took on the Big Banks in the aftermath of the housing crisis. These banks were preying on homeowners, and I held them accountable – ultimately securing $1.9 billion for Nevadans. I also took action against big pharmaceutical companies that were deceiving consumers, securing millions of dollars for Nevada through several major settlements.


I have fought to strengthen our economy, defend women and children, stand up for seniors, safeguard our public lands, and invest in clean energy. And I have worked hard to make sure health care is more affordable for Nevadans. I was proud to cast my vote to save the Affordable Care Act, protecting Nevadans with pre-existing conditions and ensuring Nevadans had access to quality, affordable health care coverage.


No state was hit harder by the pandemic than Nevada, and I took bold action to save our economy and help Nevada families. I secured relief to help more than 118,000 Nevada businesses stay open, as well as funding to pay police, firefighters, and first responders. We helped schools reopen safely and quickly. I ensured Nevada’s tourism industry got more aid given the pandemic’s impact, and when Nevadans were struggling to make rent and pay for their mortgages during the pandemic, I made sure to deliver emergency housing relief so they could stay in their homes.


Now, I’m running for re-election because Nevadans deserve a senator who will continue to cut through gridlock and dysfunction in Washington and deliver real results for our families.


You don’t need me to tell you that there’s a lot left to do. Right now, my focus is creating jobs, lowering costs, and giving Nevadans a break.


There are thousands of jobs coming to our state through our bipartisan infrastructure law, which will fix our roads and bridges. Infrastructure isn’t just roads and bridges, though – I made sure that law included critical funding to combat our drought crisis and fund a regional water recycling program that will provide water for 500,000 homes. I've also worked with Republicans to help strengthen American manufacturing and strengthen our domestic supply chain to create more jobs in Nevada.


I’m pushing for an all-of-the above approach to bring down costs for Nevadans and their families. That includes lowering health care costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and capping the cost of insulin at $35 per month.


It also means bringing down gas prices. I am leading the fight to hold Big Oil companies accountable for rising prices at the pump and advocating for legislation that will reduce the burden of high gas costs on Nevadans who use their cars for work.


The housing crisis remains a challenge for Nevadans, and we must do more. Through the American Rescue Plan, we delivered federal funding to Nevada that is now being used to fund $500 million in middle class housing. I am currently leading legislation to crack down on discriminatory lending practices based on race, sex, and religion.


Nevada needs an effective, independent fighter to make real progress and find real solutions – that’s who I am and who I’ll always be. That’s why I’m running again. I have always put Nevada first, and with the challenges facing the Silver State and our country, we need someone in Washington who understands that Nevada is the first priority no matter what.

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