Why I support the Biden-Harris Campaign

When I watched the first presidential debate, I tuned in knowing President Trump’s comments would be short on substance and forethought. But even with such low expectations, I was still stunned when he refused an easy opportunity to condemn white supremacy, and instead – remarkably – doubled down on hate by encouraging the violent white nationalist Proud Boys to, “Stand back and stand by.” 


Unbelievable. Was he not paying attention to the hundreds of protests around the world for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and all the other citizens who never should have become household names? Doesn’t he understand there’s a serious problem, and that it’s his job to make things better?


Obviously not. It’s crystal-clear that this president still doesn’t get it. If anything, he has only become more entrenched. Just imagine what it would mean for us and our families if he gets four more years to drive his agenda of intolerance and divisiveness.


That’s why I’m so grateful that Joe Biden offers us a competent alternative. He spent his entire career fighting for civil rights, voting rights, and fair-housing rights. He fought for equality in justice, education, and economic opportunity.


And he and Kamala Harris have made clear how critically important it is that these fights continue. They know we need leaders who recognize the problem and are ready to do something about it.


Biden and Harris are those leaders, and their Lift Every Voice plan is the right strategy to get there.


Lift Every Voice outlines how a Biden-Harris administration would work to give Black families an equal chance at health and prosperity. It would mean rooting out systemic racism from our laws, policies, and institutions. It means prioritizing COVID-19 relief for Black families and businesses. And it means closing income gaps and investing toward ending health disparities by race.


It also means rolling back Trump administration policies that gutted the protections that would create a level playing ground. The Obama-Biden administration developed policies to combat racial and economic inequality; a Biden-Harris administration would restore us on that path and continue the fight.


The worst thing that could happen would be for Trump to win a second term – not only would he NOT solve these problems, but he’d make them so much worse that it will take us decades to undo the damage. That’s why we need to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


With that in mind, here’s what all Nevadans need to know to exercise our right to vote:


Early Vote starts October 17th. This election is going to be close – your vote will make a difference. During Early Vote from October 17th - 30th, you can show up to vote at any polling location in your county and drop your mail ballot or vote in person. Bring your mail ballot and walk right in!


If you aren’t registered to vote yet, there’s also same-day registration! To check your registration or find your nearest Early Vote polling location, go to iwillvote.com/NV. Just type in your address – it’s that easy!


How you vote is your choice. No matter how you vote this year, do it early. Once you know how you are going to vote, make sure your friends and family have a plan, too.


Joe and Kamala can’t do it alone. They need every single one of us to do our part.

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