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Black-owned businesses have been an important part of the American economy for centuries. Despite facing significant challenges and discrimination, black entrepreneurs have persevered and created successful businesses in a variety of industries.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were over 2.6 million black-owned businesses in the United States in 2018. These businesses generated over $150 billion in revenue and employed over 1 million people. The majority of these businesses are small businesses, with less than 10 employees.


Black-owned businesses are particularly important in communities with high levels of poverty and unemployment. These businesses provide jobs and economic opportunities for local residents, and can help to revitalize struggling neighborhoods.


However, black-owned businesses still face significant challenges. They often have difficulty accessing capital and financing, and may face discrimination from lenders and investors. Additionally, they may struggle to compete with larger, more established businesses in their industries.


Despite these challenges, black-owned businesses continue to thrive and make important contributions to the American economy. By supporting these businesses, we can help to create a more equitable and inclusive economy for all Americans.

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1911 Stella Lake St., Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, U.S.A. | United States of America

Trina Jiles, Owner

Gritz Café is a Black Owned Restaurant Owned and Operated by Trina Jiles located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
2291 S. Fort Apache Rd., Ste. #102, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117, U.S.A. | United States of America

Chef Boyzie & Mi Sun, Owners

Buldogis is a Black Owned Food Truck and Restaurant operated by Chef Boyzie and Mi Sun focusing on a mix between Korean food and hotdogs located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
6655 W. Sahara Ave., Ste. A114, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146, U.S.A. | United States of America

Jared Clark , Founder

Clark Law Group is a black owned and operated Attorney Firm specializing in personal injury located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
100 S. Maryland Pkwy., Ste. 210N, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, U.S.A. | United States of America

Chata Holt, Esq. , Founder

Chata Holt, Esq. of Holt Law Group focuses on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy matters. We also provide services related to traffic tickets, warrants and criminal record sealing in Las Vegas, Nevada.
4584 North Rancho Dr., Las Vegas, Nevada 89130, U.S.A. | United States of America

Quincy Branch, RHU, EHBA , Founder

Branch Benefits Consultants is a Black Owned Insurance Agency Owned and Operated by Quincy Branch located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
353 E. Bonnevile Ave., Ste.111, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, U.S.A. | United States of America

Ryan Lewis, Owner

Welcome to Classic Jewel, Black Owned and Operated by Ryan Lewis and your ultimate destination for a perfect night out in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.
1960 Martin Luther King Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, U.S.A. | United States of America

Mario Berlanga, Owner

Mario's Westside Market is a Convenience Store and Restaurant owned by Mario Berlanga located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
5550 Painted Mirage Rd., Ste. 140, Las Vegas, Nevada 89149, U.S.A. | United States of America

Ashley Q. Tillman, Realtor

Ashley Q. Tillman, Top Producing Award-Winning Realtor, has become the “go to” for all things Real Estate. As a born and raised native and second-generation Realtor, Ashley is well versed and extremely knowledgeable of the Las Vegas Market.
P.O. Box 270065 89127, U.S.A. | United States of America

Joseph C. Abraham, Founder

Through extensive research and development, we have designed the most versatile mobile LED billboard and sign, in an incredibly durable and rugged housing, manufactured specifically to deliver quality imagery, on a consistent basis.
7455 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy. Ste. 220, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113, U.S.A. | United States of America

Jon Ralston, Editor

The Nevada Independent is a Social Welfare organization Operated by Elizabeth Thomas located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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