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CSN Insurance Services is a full-service insurance brokerage based in North Las Vegas, Nevada offering auto insurance, commercial insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and a bevy of life insurance options.


Here at CSN Insurance Services with every interaction our goal is to ensure you receive customer service unparalleled in the Industry. We employee a diverse team of insurance industry professionals ready to address each and every one of your concerns.


Unfortunately, in today’s marketplace many business owners and consumers mistakenly view insurance coverage as a commodity. Regulatory agencies (the Department of Motor Vehicles, the City of North Las Vegas, or the Nevada State Contractors Board) dictate the minimum level of coverage required of the policy holder. As a result, the policy holder then instructs his/her agent to find the “cheapest” policy, which will satisfy the regulations and allow them to operate within the law.


This is done, many times, without regard for how exposed to financial loss such a course of action leaves the policy holder. Don’t allow your business or family’s well-being to be placed in jeopardy by not having the right insurance.

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Quincy Branch, RHU, EHBA , President & CEO

1820 E. Lake Mead Blvd., Ste. E
N. Las Vegas, Nevada 89030
United States of America

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