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8020 S. Rainbow Blvd., Ste. 100 #271, Las Vegas, Nevada 89139, U.S.A. | United States of America

Dallas Harris, Nevada State Senator

Senator Dallas Harris represents Senate District 11 in the Nevada State Legislature, which convenes in Carson City, Nevada. Senator Harris is a Consumer Rights Attorney in the Adult Guardianship Project at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.
1911 N. Stella Lake, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, U.S.A. | United States of America

Gwen Braimoh, Executive Director

Our well-rounded education allows them to service ALL types of multicultural hair and textures. Expertise Cosmetology Institute is Las Vegas’ first African-American owned and operated school of Cosmetology.
8395 W. Sunset Rd., Ste. 190, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113, U.S.A. | United States of America

Christina Thomas, Realtor

Realty ONE Group has experienced agents, managers and franchise owners, we know what it takes to run a successful business. One of the most fundamental keys to success is having an UNending support structure that you can always depend on.
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7925 W. Russell Road, #400187, Las Vegas, Nevada 89140, U.S.A. | United States of America

Jason Frierson, Speaker

This session we also took steps to create more opportunities for families to succeed by increasing the minimum wage, strengthening labor laws, combating gun violence, providing teachers a raise, and reforming our criminal justice system.
1735 Village Ctr. Cir., Las Vegas, Nevada 89134, U.S.A. | United States of America

Kulinda Rollins, Agent

ERA Brokers Consolidated believes when you combine best in industry technology, broker support, graphic design, lead generation, and marketing systems supported by a cohesive team, you get exceptional results.
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P.O. Box 752902, Las Vegas, Nevada 89139, U.S.A. | United States of America

Charmeana Pinkard, Founder

All our candles are hand made with 100% pure soy wax. We specialize in crafting ‘clean burn candles,’ which provide long lasting fragrance throughout. Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn more about my products.
4584 N. Rancho Dr., Las Vegas, Nevada 89130, U.S.A. | United States of America

Quincy Branch, RHU, EHBA, President & Chief Executive Officer

INDEPENDENT. DIVERSE. EXCEPTIONAL. IMPACTFUL. Exceptional service is the root of everything we do!
1960 MLK Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, U.S.A. | United States of America

Mario Berlanga, Jr., Proprietor

We are a full-service grocery store with an extensive hot foods menu, meat counter, produce section, specialty products, and liquor, in the heart of Historic West Las Vegas.
P.O. Box 270065, Las Vegas, Nevada 89127, U.S.A. | United States of America

Joseph C. Abraham, Founder

Whether we are creating brand identity by designing a logo, conducting sales force training, or developing a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy, you can rest assured our team will exceed your expectations.
701 E. Bridger, Ste. 540, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, U.S.A. | United States of America

F. Travis Buchanan, Esq., Principal

We treat you and your case with the respect you deserve. Our team members get to know you and your situation personally, so they can present the full picture to the opposition, or to a judge and jury.
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