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Black churches have a rich and complex history in America. The first black churches were established in the late 18th century, during a time when slavery was still legal in many parts of the country. These churches provided a space for black Americans to worship and build community, often in the face of significant discrimination and oppression.


Over time, black churches became important centers of political and social activism. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s, black churches played a key role in organizing protests and advocating for change. Many prominent civil rights leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., were also ministers in black churches.


Today, black churches continue to be an important part of the African American community. They provide a space for worship, fellowship, and community building, as well as a platform for social and political activism. Many black churches also offer a range of social services, such as food banks, counseling, and job training programs, to support their communities.

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500 W. Monroe , Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, U.S.A. | United States of America

Sean A. Taylor, Senior Pastor

Victory Missionary Baptists Church is a Black Christian Church Led by Pastor Sean A. Taylor located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
2845 Lindell Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89146, U.S.A. | United States of America

Pastor Clinton House, Senior Pastor

Bishop Clinton House known as “The Man in the Desert” with a strong desire to touch and minister to hurting souls. The anointing God has placed on this visionary is truly evident in his life.
6777 W. Kiest Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75236, U.S.A. | United States of America

Bishop T.D. Jakes, Senior Pastor

According to Bishop T.D. Jakes "Our vision at The Potter’s House (TPH) is for God to mold you into a purpose-filled vessel, pointing all grace and glory back to Him."
20000 W. 9 Mile, Southfield, Michigan 48075, U.S.A. | United States of America

Bishop Keith Butler, Senior Pastor

"Come join us with your family and friends so that we can experience God's love together!" - Bishop Keith Butler | Word of Faith International Christian Center
101 Jackson Str. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30312, U.S.A. | United States of America

Reverend Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, Senior Pastor

Today, Ebenezer Baptist, with a congregation of over 6,000, continues to serve the Atlanta community in the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site under the dynamic leadership of Reverend Dr. Raphael G. Warnock.
6400 Woodrow Rd., Stonecrest, Georgia 30038, U.S.A. | United States of America

Dr. Jamal Bryant, Senior Pastor

Dr. Bryant embodies the rare balance of spiritual gifts and practical educational experiences that connects pastoral leadership and discipleship teaching with prophetic preaching and courageous social action.
1530 6th Ave. N., Birmingham, Alabama 35203, U.S.A. | United States of America

Reverend Arthur Price, Jr., Senior Pastor

Reverend Arthur Price, Jr. serves as Pastor of the historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL to which he was called in January 2002.
902 W Owens Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, U.S.A. | United States of America

Bishop Bill McDonnell, Senior Pastor

On behalf of Bishop Bill McDonnell and Dr. Alma F. McDonnell, The Wealthy Place Ministries would like to invite you to worship with us on the Historic Westside of Las Vegas, Nevada. There’s A Place For You Here At The Wealthy Place Ministries.
3606 N. Rancho, Ste. 144, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130, U.S.A. | United States of America

Rev. Kelcey West, Senior Pastor

Scripture teaches us that the Lord will give us pastors after his own heart, and we believe that Rev. Kelcey A. West is a man after God’s own heart. Pastor, philanthropist and playwright, Rev. Kelcey Anderson West was born on February 12, 1971...
2401 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60616, U.S.A. | United States of America

Reverend Troy K. Venning, MDIV, MBA, Senior Pastor

Quinn Chapel AME Church is a black owned and operated Christian Church located in Chicago, Illinois and is the first African American congregation in the city of Chicago.
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