A Nation in Crisis

You cannot turn on the television without hearing about the enormous number of mass shootings that are occurring across the country.  Last year the country erupted with the horrific outrage of the death of George Floyd, and the many other black and brown people at the hands of our police force.  As the Spring weather warms, the COVID-19 virus spread appears to be increasing even though 25% of the nation’s population received the vaccine.  The storming of the Capitol Building on January 6th highlighted the political discord in the nation.  This nation is in crisis and the need for leadership is now!


Over half the nation spoke out in support of President Biden and Vice President Harris in this last election, and after the social unrest, dishonesty, and political failures of the last Administration, this election was a welcome change. As we rapidly approach the first 100 days most would agree that the nation is back on track but concerned if this nation will really make progress by restoring the economy, tightening up access to guns, relaxing voting rights where everyone can express their civil duty and vote their conscious in a free and democratic election.  Considering the many things on President Biden’s agenda, most would agree our nation is in crisis. 


Our teachers are still some of the lowest paid in Western Countries, and the economic gap appears to be widening between the haves and have-nevers!  Most civilized countries have figured out that an educated population make and spend more, so consequently the economy improves.  So, it bears to reason that the better our teachers deliver in the classroom, the more aware and informed their students will be, and consequently the better jobs they will hold, or businesses they will own.  We need a better educated society. 


This past weekend, I spent time with my grandchildren, and I seriously wondered how prepared they will be to embrace their future.  More specifically, will they have the skills to access employment that will elevate them to the levels they desire and are equipped? Will society judge them by their race and gender?  I truly wonder about the world they will inherit.  I read an article last week, there will be more change within the next ten years, than mankind has made over this past century.  If this is true, then where are those new markets, and are our children and grandchildren ready to fully embrace this level of change?


From everything I am seeing I do not believe our current generation is ready to embrace this level of change. The COVID virus crippled our nation’s school system, and parents became surrogate schoolteachers overnight. Children were forced to remain home in most cases for almost a year, and in many cases, parents are not academically prepared to take on being a substitute teacher, working remotely, and balancing home and work all at the same time.  This scenario wreaked havoc on society.


This article focuses on the United States, but we are not alone in this situation.  The whole world is in crisis and looking for answers.  On the other end of things, if you were well off before the COVID virus, then you had a chance to reevaluate things and possibly even make considerable profits in the stock market.  Investing in cryptocurrency is booming and the stock market appears to be increasing just as fast.  Consumer buying has switched from traditional brick-and-mortar to online.  Buying habits have forever changed, just as traditional office jobs.  Telework is here to stay, and making this permanent adjustment is just part of the significant change I mentioned earlier.


If you are wondering on where we are going as a nation, and specifically what changes you can make to prepare and prosper, then listen closely to my personal strategy. First, I believe you should start creating your personal library and read everything you can on changes in the economy, personal finance, and business.  Second, if you do not already have a small business then start one!  Start one today.  The tax savings alone will be worth it! Thirdly, start investing in the stock market, and create an emergency fund consisting of at least six months of your expenses. If the COVID virus did not teach us anything else, it taught us we must be prepared not just for a rainy day, but a rain-drench year! Fourth, you need to expand your professional network and intentionally start building better and wider diverse strategic partners.  These are people who will aid you in a new job search, relocation, or helping you in times when needed. Lastly, leverage your time and create a product or service that you can sell.  This extra income will come in handy as you hunker down and improve your personal development.


The nation is in crises for all the reasons mentioned herein, but this does not mean you have to subjugate yourself to the whims of society. Take control of your life by establishing stop gaps, sound processes, and procedures that elevate you and prevents you from falling prey or victim like most in society.  Take some time out and figure out your future, and your family’s future.  This time is yours.  If you need help in this area, I am always available to assist where and when I can.  I know you can do this you just need to start.